Cron & Time Intervals

You may set your DAG to run on a simple schedule by setting its schedule argument to either a cron expression, a datetime.timedelta object, or one of the Cron Presets.

from airflow.models.dag import DAG

import datetime

dag = DAG("regular_interval_cron_example", schedule="0 0 * * *", ...)

dag = DAG("regular_interval_cron_preset_example", schedule="@daily", ...)

dag = DAG("regular_interval_timedelta_example", schedule=datetime.timedelta(days=1), ...)

Cron Presets

For more elaborate scheduling requirements, you can implement a custom timetable. Note that Airflow parses cron expressions with the croniter library which supports an extended syntax for cron strings. See their documentation in github. For example, you can create a DAG schedule to run at 12AM on the first Monday of the month with their extended cron syntax: 0 0 * * MON#1.


You can use an online editor for CRON expressions such as Crontab guru





Don’t schedule, use for exclusively “externally triggered” DAGs


Schedule once and only once


Run as soon as the previous run finishes


Run once an hour at the end of the hour

0 * * * *


Run once a day at midnight (24:00)

0 0 * * *


Run once a week at midnight (24:00) on Sunday

0 0 * * 0


Run once a month at midnight (24:00) of the first day of the month

0 0 1 * *


Run once a quarter at midnight (24:00) on the first day

0 0 1 */3 *


Run once a year at midnight (24:00) of January 1

0 0 1 1 *

Your DAG will be instantiated for each schedule along with a corresponding DAG Run entry in the database backend.

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