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class airflow.providers.elasticsearch.log.es_task_handler.ElasticsearchTaskHandler(base_log_folder: str, filename_template: str, log_id_template: str, end_of_log_mark: str, write_stdout: bool, json_format: bool, json_fields: str, host_field: str = 'host', offset_field: str = 'offset', host: str = 'localhost:9200', frontend: str = 'localhost:5601', es_kwargs: Optional[dict] = conf.getsection('elasticsearch_configs'))[source]

Bases: airflow.utils.log.file_task_handler.FileTaskHandler, airflow.utils.log.logging_mixin.ExternalLoggingMixin, airflow.utils.log.logging_mixin.LoggingMixin

ElasticsearchTaskHandler is a python log handler that reads logs from Elasticsearch. Note logs are not directly indexed into Elasticsearch. Instead, it flushes logs into local files. Additional software setup is required to index the log into Elasticsearch, such as using Filebeat and Logstash. To efficiently query and sort Elasticsearch results, we assume each log message has a field log_id consists of ti primary keys: log_id = {dag_id}-{task_id}-{execution_date}-{try_number} Log messages with specific log_id are sorted based on offset, which is a unique integer indicates log message’s order. Timestamp here are unreliable because multiple log messages might have the same timestamp.

PAGE = 0[source]
MAX_LINE_PER_PAGE = 1000[source]
LOG_NAME = Elasticsearch[source]

The log name

Whether we can support external links

es_read(self, log_id: str, offset: str, metadata: dict)[source]

Returns the logs matching log_id in Elasticsearch and next offset. Returns ‘’ if no log is found or there was an error.

  • log_id (str) – the log_id of the log to read.

  • offset (str) – the offset start to read log from.

  • metadata (dict) – log metadata, used for steaming log download.

emit(self, record)[source]
set_context(self, ti: TaskInstance)[source]

Provide task_instance context to airflow task handler.


ti – task instance object

get_external_log_url(self, task_instance: TaskInstance, try_number: int)[source]

Creates an address for an external log collecting service.

  • task_instance – task instance object

  • try_number (Optional[int]) – task instance try_number to read logs from.


task_instance: TaskInstance


URL to the external log collection service

Return type


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