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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
# specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from __future__ import annotations

import json
import warnings
from copy import deepcopy
from dataclasses import MISSING, InitVar, dataclass, field, fields
from functools import cached_property
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any

from botocore import UNSIGNED
from botocore.config import Config
from deprecated import deprecated

from airflow.exceptions import AirflowException, AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning
from import trim_none_values
from airflow.utils.log.logging_mixin import LoggingMixin
from airflow.utils.log.secrets_masker import mask_secret
from airflow.utils.types import NOTSET, ArgNotSet

    from airflow.models.connection import Connection  # Avoid circular imports.

class _ConnectionMetadata:
    """Connection metadata data-class.

    This class implements main :ref:`~airflow.models.connection.Connection` attributes
    and use in AwsConnectionWrapper for avoid circular imports.

    Only for internal usage, this class might change or removed in the future.

    conn_id: str | None = None
    conn_type: str | None = None
    description: str | None = None
    host: str | None = None
    login: str | None = None
    password: str | None = None
    schema: str | None = None
    port: int | None = None
    extra: str | dict | None = None

    def extra_dejson(self):
        if not self.extra:
            return {}
        extra = deepcopy(self.extra)
        if isinstance(extra, str):
                extra = json.loads(extra)
            except json.JSONDecodeError as err:
                raise AirflowException(
                    f"'extra' expected valid JSON-Object string. Original error:\n * {err}"
                ) from None
        if not isinstance(extra, dict):
            raise TypeError(f"Expected JSON-Object or dict, got {type(extra).__name__}.")
        return extra

[docs]class AwsConnectionWrapper(LoggingMixin): """AWS Connection Wrapper class helper. Use for validate and resolve AWS Connection parameters. ``conn`` references an Airflow Connection object or AwsConnectionWrapper if it set to ``None`` than default values would use. The precedence rules for ``region_name`` 1. Explicit set (in Hook) ``region_name``. 2. Airflow Connection Extra 'region_name'. The precedence rules for ``botocore_config`` 1. Explicit set (in Hook) ``botocore_config``. 2. Construct from Airflow Connection Extra 'botocore_kwargs'. 3. The wrapper's default value """
[docs] conn: InitVar[Connection | AwsConnectionWrapper | _ConnectionMetadata | None]
[docs] region_name: str | None = field(default=None)
# boto3 client/resource configs
[docs] botocore_config: Config | None = field(default=None)
[docs] verify: bool | str | None = field(default=None)
# Reference to Airflow Connection attributes # ``extra_config`` contains original Airflow Connection Extra.
[docs] conn_id: str | ArgNotSet | None = field(init=False, default=NOTSET)
[docs] conn_type: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
[docs] login: str | None = field(init=False, repr=False, default=None)
[docs] password: str | None = field(init=False, repr=False, default=None)
[docs] schema: str | None = field(init=False, repr=False, default=None)
[docs] extra_config: dict[str, Any] = field(init=False, repr=False, default_factory=dict)
# AWS Credentials from connection.
[docs] aws_access_key_id: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
[docs] aws_secret_access_key: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
[docs] aws_session_token: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
# AWS Shared Credential profile_name
[docs] profile_name: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
# Custom endpoint_url for boto3.client and boto3.resource
[docs] endpoint_url: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
# Assume Role Configurations
[docs] role_arn: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
[docs] assume_role_method: str | None = field(init=False, default=None)
[docs] assume_role_kwargs: dict[str, Any] = field(init=False, default_factory=dict)
# Per AWS Service configuration dictionary where key is name of boto3 ``service_name``
[docs] service_config: dict[str, dict[str, Any]] = field(init=False, default_factory=dict)
[docs] def conn_repr(self): return f"AWS Connection (conn_id={self.conn_id!r}, conn_type={self.conn_type!r})"
[docs] def get_service_config(self, service_name: str) -> dict[str, Any]: """Get AWS Service related config dictionary. :param service_name: Name of botocore/boto3 service. """ return self.service_config.get(service_name, {})
[docs] def get_service_endpoint_url( self, service_name: str, *, sts_connection_assume: bool = False, sts_test_connection: bool = False ) -> str | None: service_config = self.get_service_config(service_name=service_name) global_endpoint_url = self.endpoint_url if service_name == "sts" and True in (sts_connection_assume, sts_test_connection): # There are different logics exists historically for STS Client # 1. For assume role we never use global endpoint_url # 2. For test connection we also use undocumented `test_endpoint`\ # 3. For STS as service we might use endpoint_url (default for other services) global_endpoint_url = None if sts_connection_assume and sts_test_connection: raise AirflowException( "Can't resolve STS endpoint when both " "`sts_connection` and `sts_test_connection` set to True." ) elif sts_test_connection: if "test_endpoint_url" in self.extra_config: warnings.warn( "extra['test_endpoint_url'] is deprecated and will be removed in a future release." " Please set `endpoint_url` in `service_config.sts` within `extras`.", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) global_endpoint_url = self.extra_config["test_endpoint_url"] return service_config.get("endpoint_url", global_endpoint_url)
[docs] def __post_init__(self, conn: Connection | AwsConnectionWrapper | _ConnectionMetadata | None) -> None: if isinstance(conn, type(self)): # For every field with init=False we copy reference value from original wrapper # For every field with init=True we use init values if it not equal default # We can't use ``dataclasses.replace`` in classmethod because # we limited by InitVar arguments since it not stored in object, # and also we do not want to run __post_init__ method again which print all logs/warnings again. for fl in fields(conn): value = getattr(conn, if not fl.init: setattr(self,, value) else: if fl.default is not MISSING: default = fl.default elif fl.default_factory is not MISSING: default = fl.default_factory() # zero-argument callable else: continue # Value mandatory, skip orig_value = getattr(self, if orig_value == default: # Only replace value if it not equal default value setattr(self,, value) return elif not conn: return if TYPE_CHECKING: assert isinstance(conn, (Connection, _ConnectionMetadata)) # Assign attributes from AWS Connection self.conn_id = conn.conn_id self.conn_type = conn.conn_type or "aws" self.login = conn.login self.password = conn.password self.schema = conn.schema or None self.extra_config = deepcopy(conn.extra_dejson) if self.conn_type.lower() == "s3": warnings.warn( f"{self.conn_repr} has connection type 's3', " "which has been replaced by connection type 'aws'. " "Please update your connection to have `conn_type='aws'`.", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) elif self.conn_type != "aws": warnings.warn( f"{self.conn_repr} expected connection type 'aws', got {self.conn_type!r}. " "This connection might not work correctly. " "Please use Amazon Web Services Connection type.", UserWarning, stacklevel=2, ) extra = deepcopy(conn.extra_dejson) self.service_config = extra.get("service_config", {}) session_kwargs = extra.get("session_kwargs", {}) if session_kwargs: warnings.warn( "'session_kwargs' in extra config is deprecated and will be removed in a future releases. " f"Please specify arguments passed to boto3 Session directly in {self.conn_repr} extra.", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) # Retrieve initial connection credentials init_credentials = self._get_credentials(**extra) self.aws_access_key_id, self.aws_secret_access_key, self.aws_session_token = init_credentials if not self.region_name: if "region_name" in extra: self.region_name = extra["region_name"] self.log.debug("Retrieving region_name=%s from %s extra.", self.region_name, self.conn_repr) elif "region_name" in session_kwargs: self.region_name = session_kwargs["region_name"] self.log.debug( "Retrieving region_name=%s from %s extra['session_kwargs'].", self.region_name, self.conn_repr, ) if self.verify is None and "verify" in extra: self.verify = extra["verify"] self.log.debug("Retrieving verify=%s from %s extra.", self.verify, self.conn_repr) if "profile_name" in extra: self.profile_name = extra["profile_name"] self.log.debug("Retrieving profile_name=%s from %s extra.", self.profile_name, self.conn_repr) elif "profile_name" in session_kwargs: self.profile_name = session_kwargs["profile_name"] self.log.debug( "Retrieving profile_name=%s from %s extra['session_kwargs'].", self.profile_name, self.conn_repr, ) # Warn the user that an invalid parameter is being used which actually not related to 'profile_name'. # ToDo: Remove this check entirely as soon as drop support credentials from s3_config_file if "profile" in extra and "s3_config_file" not in extra and not self.profile_name: warnings.warn( f"Found 'profile' without specifying 's3_config_file' in {self.conn_repr} extra. " "If required profile from AWS Shared Credentials please " f"set 'profile_name' in {self.conn_repr} extra.", UserWarning, stacklevel=2, ) config_kwargs = extra.get("config_kwargs") if not self.botocore_config and config_kwargs: # self.log.debug("Retrieving botocore config=%s from %s extra.", config_kwargs, self.conn_repr) if config_kwargs.get("signature_version") == "unsigned": config_kwargs["signature_version"] = UNSIGNED self.botocore_config = Config(**config_kwargs) if warnings.warn( f"Host {} specified in the connection is not used." " Please, set it on extra['endpoint_url'] instead", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) self.endpoint_url = extra.get("host") if self.endpoint_url: warnings.warn( "extra['host'] is deprecated and will be removed in a future release." " Please set extra['endpoint_url'] instead", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) else: self.endpoint_url = extra.get("endpoint_url") # Retrieve Assume Role Configuration assume_role_configs = self._get_assume_role_configs(**extra) self.role_arn, self.assume_role_method, self.assume_role_kwargs = assume_role_configs
[docs] def from_connection_metadata( cls, conn_id: str | None = None, login: str | None = None, password: str | None = None, extra: dict[str, Any] | None = None, ): """ Create config from connection metadata. :param conn_id: Custom connection ID. :param login: AWS Access Key ID. :param password: AWS Secret Access Key. :param extra: Connection Extra metadata. """ conn_meta = _ConnectionMetadata( conn_id=conn_id, conn_type="aws", login=login, password=password, extra=extra ) return cls(conn=conn_meta)
[docs] def extra_dejson(self): """Compatibility with `airflow.models.Connection.extra_dejson` property.""" return self.extra_config
[docs] def session_kwargs(self) -> dict[str, Any]: """Additional kwargs passed to boto3.session.Session.""" return trim_none_values( { "aws_access_key_id": self.aws_access_key_id, "aws_secret_access_key": self.aws_secret_access_key, "aws_session_token": self.aws_session_token, "region_name": self.region_name, "profile_name": self.profile_name, } )
[docs] def __bool__(self): return self.conn_id is not NOTSET
def _get_credentials( self, *, aws_access_key_id: str | None = None, aws_secret_access_key: str | None = None, aws_session_token: str | None = None, # Deprecated Values s3_config_file: str | None = None, s3_config_format: str | None = None, profile: str | None = None, session_kwargs: dict[str, Any] | None = None, **kwargs, ) -> tuple[str | None, str | None, str | None]: """Get AWS credentials from connection login/password and extra. ``aws_access_key_id`` and ``aws_secret_access_key`` order: 1. From Connection login and password 2. From Connection ``extra['aws_access_key_id']`` and ``extra['aws_access_key_id']`` 3. (deprecated) Form Connection ``extra['session_kwargs']`` 4. (deprecated) From a local credentials file Get ``aws_session_token`` from ``extra['aws_access_key_id']``. """ session_kwargs = session_kwargs or {} session_aws_access_key_id = session_kwargs.get("aws_access_key_id") session_aws_secret_access_key = session_kwargs.get("aws_secret_access_key") session_aws_session_token = session_kwargs.get("aws_session_token") if self.login and self.password:"%s credentials retrieved from login and password.", self.conn_repr) aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key = self.login, self.password elif aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key:"%s credentials retrieved from extra.", self.conn_repr) elif session_aws_access_key_id and session_aws_secret_access_key: aws_access_key_id = session_aws_access_key_id aws_secret_access_key = session_aws_secret_access_key"%s credentials retrieved from extra['session_kwargs'].", self.conn_repr) elif s3_config_file: aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key = _parse_s3_config( s3_config_file, s3_config_format, profile, )"%s credentials retrieved from extra['s3_config_file']", self.conn_repr) if aws_session_token: "%s session token retrieved from extra, please note you are responsible for renewing these.", self.conn_repr, ) elif session_aws_session_token: aws_session_token = session_aws_session_token "%s session token retrieved from extra['session_kwargs'], " "please note you are responsible for renewing these.", self.conn_repr, ) return aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key, aws_session_token def _get_assume_role_configs( self, *, role_arn: str | None = None, assume_role_method: str = "assume_role", assume_role_kwargs: dict[str, Any] | None = None, # Deprecated Values aws_account_id: str | None = None, aws_iam_role: str | None = None, external_id: str | None = None, **kwargs, ) -> tuple[str | None, str | None, dict[Any, str]]: """Get assume role configs from Connection extra.""" if role_arn: self.log.debug("Retrieving role_arn=%r from %s extra.", role_arn, self.conn_repr) elif aws_account_id and aws_iam_role: warnings.warn( "Constructing 'role_arn' from extra['aws_account_id'] and extra['aws_iam_role'] is deprecated" f" and will be removed in a future releases." f" Please set 'role_arn' in {self.conn_repr} extra.", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=3, ) role_arn = f"arn:aws:iam::{aws_account_id}:role/{aws_iam_role}" self.log.debug( "Constructions role_arn=%r from %s extra['aws_account_id'] and extra['aws_iam_role'].", role_arn, self.conn_repr, ) if not role_arn: # There is no reason obtain `assume_role_method` and `assume_role_kwargs` if `role_arn` not set. return None, None, {} supported_methods = ["assume_role", "assume_role_with_saml", "assume_role_with_web_identity"] if assume_role_method not in supported_methods: raise NotImplementedError( f"Found assume_role_method={assume_role_method!r} in {self.conn_repr} extra." f" Currently {supported_methods} are supported." ' (Exclude this setting will default to "assume_role").' ) self.log.debug("Retrieve assume_role_method=%r from %s.", assume_role_method, self.conn_repr) assume_role_kwargs = assume_role_kwargs or {} if "ExternalId" not in assume_role_kwargs and external_id: warnings.warn( "'external_id' in extra config is deprecated and will be removed in a future releases. " f"Please set 'ExternalId' in 'assume_role_kwargs' in {self.conn_repr} extra.", AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, stacklevel=3, ) assume_role_kwargs["ExternalId"] = external_id return role_arn, assume_role_method, assume_role_kwargs
@deprecated( reason=( "Use local credentials file is never documented and well tested. " "Obtain credentials by this way deprecated and will be removed in a future releases." ), category=AirflowProviderDeprecationWarning, ) def _parse_s3_config( config_file_name: str, config_format: str | None = "boto", profile: str | None = None ) -> tuple[str | None, str | None]: """Parse a config file for S3 credentials. Can currently parse boto, s3cmd.conf and AWS SDK config formats. :param config_file_name: path to the config file :param config_format: config type. One of "boto", "s3cmd" or "aws". Defaults to "boto" :param profile: profile name in AWS type config file """ import configparser config = configparser.ConfigParser() try: if # pragma: no cover sections = config.sections() else: raise AirflowException(f"Couldn't read {config_file_name}") except Exception as e: raise AirflowException("Exception when parsing %s: %s", config_file_name, e.__class__.__name__) # Setting option names depending on file format if config_format is None: config_format = "boto" conf_format = config_format.lower() if conf_format == "boto": # pragma: no cover if profile is not None and "profile " + profile in sections: cred_section = "profile " + profile else: cred_section = "Credentials" elif conf_format == "aws" and profile is not None: cred_section = profile else: cred_section = "default" # Option names if conf_format in ("boto", "aws"): # pragma: no cover key_id_option = "aws_access_key_id" secret_key_option = "aws_secret_access_key" else: key_id_option = "access_key" secret_key_option = "secret_key" # Actual Parsing if cred_section not in sections: raise AirflowException("This config file format is not recognized") else: try: access_key = config.get(cred_section, key_id_option) secret_key = config.get(cred_section, secret_key_option) mask_secret(secret_key) except Exception: raise AirflowException("Option Error in parsing s3 config file") return access_key, secret_key

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