Salesforce Connection

The HTTP connection type provides connection to Salesforce.

Configuring the Connection

Host (required)

specify the host address to connect:

Login (required)

Specify the email address used to login to your account.

Password (required)

Specify the password associated with the account.

Extra (required)

Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in Salesforce connection. The following parameter is required:

  • security_token: Salesforce token.

The following parameter is optional:

  • domain: set to test if working in sandbox mode.

For security reason we suggest you to use one of the secrets Backend to create this connection (Using ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE or Hashicorp Vault, GCP Secrets Manager etc).

When specifying the connection as URI (in AIRFLOW_CONN_{CONN_ID} variable) you should specify it following the standard syntax of DB connections - where extras are passed as parameters of the URI.

For example:


Examples for the Extra field

Setting up sandbox mode:

  "security_token": "your_token",


Airflow currently does not support other login methods such as IP filtering and JWT.

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